What is a KidsAreStars.com Fundraiser?
Very simple!

Our unique fundraisers will professionally produce customized Greeting Cards and Gift items featuring the original artwork created by your children.

If you are looking for school fundraisers and new school fundraisers ideas, we're glad you've found us! Our unique program is geared for children from pre-school to middle school and Church Youth Groups.

Art fundraisers are always successful fundraisers and are of far more value than short-term and often overpriced fundraisers like candy fundraisers, cookie dough fundraisers, and catalog fundraisers. Kids art fundraisers featuring custom greeting cards and gifts with artwork produced by your school or group will certainly mean a great deal more to parents and family members than school magazine fundraisers or wrapping paper fundraisers!

A school art fundraiser by KidsAreStars translates into a successful school fundraiser! Raising the funds you require is the goal of our partnership with you. We will custom-tailor your program to your needs. We're known for our flexibility and desire to help you reach success.

We offer a variety of fundraiser formats, from person-to-person sales to online sales. And it costs you virtually nothing to get started with us. Our most popular fundraiser format simply requires that we receive artwork from you! We'll then send you sales materials that includes a sample greeting card as well as a sample refrigerator magnet. And we'll even set up your own online ordering webpage... all at no charge to you, so you will continue earning money from your fundraiser long after the initial event is over!

There's really nothing quite like a KidsAreStars fundraiser. Make your event a fun school fundraiser, and one that you'll want to repeat year after year!

Thank you for finding us. We hope to hear from you soon!

. . . "I must say everybody is VERY happy with your work and ethics. People ask me all the time where did I find you? :-) The full order arrived today. Everybody was sooo excited! Thank you very much for everything once again. It was really a pleasure. You made this fundraiser very smooth going and successful. We are already talking about next year!" -- Katarina M., Geneva, IL, 2010 

See Why We've Been Called...

"The Funnest Fundraisers Ever!"

We offer several fundraiser methods.
Try one method or several.
We know that one or more of these methods will be the IDEAL fundraiser for your needs.

"Thanks so much for the wonderful job on our cards. I've heard nothing but positive responses from those who ordered. . . . I really appreciate everything that Kids Are Stars has done to assist in this fundraiser. . . . Thanks again for all of your hard work." -- Beverly B., Jonesboro, GA, 2009 

"We received the shipment yesterday. Everyone was very pleased with the quality of the note cards. Thanks again! There were rave reviews". . . -- Sherri B., Lansdale, PA, 2008 

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Features of KidsAreStars Greeting Card & Gifts Fundraisers That Set Us Apart from All the Rest!

~ Provide messages and Scripture for all Items. It's great to be able to offer holiday greetings for each child's gift items. You'll be able to choose from several messages and scriptures to be printed on the interior of your greeting cards or with the artwork on your gift items!

~ We'll feature each child's illustrations on your online order page Your online order page, which we provide at no additional charge to generate additional sales and funds for your group.

~ Keep your fundraiser going year round! We now offer set-up of online ordering pages to accommodate year round purchases! Parents will be able to order greeting cards and gifts featuring their child's artwork anytime they wish... and your group will continue generating income from every sale! All you need do is send parents to your own KidsAreStars.com order page.

We encourage you to be in touch with us regarding your fundraiser ideas and questions. We look forward to working with you! Send us an email with your questions.

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